Position identification

Title: Marine Pilot  
Doc. no. E15/30775 Reviewed 22 December 2017
Role no. NQBP Location Mackay
Role type Pilotage Enterprise Agreement Role profile Professional

Applications close 12 noon, Friday 27 July

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Role purpose

Conduct safe and efficient pilotage of vessels in the ports of Mackay, Hay Point and other pilotages serviced by NQBP with a high level of ship handling skills, local port knowledge and general maritime expertise.

Reporting relationships

This role reports to the Manager Pilotage Services.

Generic accountabilities

All roles at NQBP are accountable to:

  • Contribute fully to the long term sustainable development and success of NQBP
  • Act with integrity and honesty, upholding the NQBP Values and professional image of NQBP
  • Foster relationships, support a team culture, promote knowledge and skill sharing and appreciate diversity
  • At all times adhere to the obligations required under NQBP’s policies, including environment and safety policies and relevant legislation.

Core accountabilities

Your core role accountabilities are:

  • Provide a high standard of piloting vessels into the port(s) through appropriate planning, risk management, coordination and application of technology
  • Communicate effectively with bridge teams, linesman, tugs and other relevant stakeholders to maintain awareness of passage plans/actions required for safe pilotage
  • Undertaking training to gain and maintain a valid pilots licence and area endorsements, and to perform the duties of a pilot to meet the operational demands of the region.

Role behaviour expectations

Supervisor/professional contributor behaviour expectations


  • Displays interpersonal communication
  • Supports strategic objectives
  • Displays personal effectiveness
  • Achieves results
  • Displays teamwork and collaboration
  • Customer oriented
  • Focuses on quality and attention to detail

Supervisor / professional

  • Effective teamwork
  • Plans and organises
  • Displays initiative
  • Empowering staff
  • Motivates staff
  • Solves problems

Statement of duties

Following is a summary of key tasks to be performed:

  • Use technology to ensure the effective delivery of pilotage services
  • Assist in the overall task of port pilotage management, including completion of appropriate documentation and logs in a timely manner
  • Undertake safety training, including updating and familiarisation of ports and marine emergency training
  • Progress through marine pilot competency levels by improving professional skills and port-specific knowledge to develop and achieve the level of Senior Marine Pilot (Level 1)
  • Liaise with ships' masters, tug operators, ship agents, port authorities, regulatory bodies and providers of marine safety services concerning shipping
  • Contribute to the coordination of pilotage services through assuming the role of ‘duty pilot’ as required
  • Undertake pre-pilotage planning, incorporating contingency and risk management planning
  • Contribute to the ongoing review of NQBP Pilotage Services Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Complete and submit pilotage documentation in accordance with NQBP procedures and standards (e.g. authorised passage plan)
  • Liaise with Regional Harbour Master, VTS, terminal workers, pilot transfer operations and tug operators to ensure adequate communication and maintain relationships
  • Undertake travel to NQBP ports or other locations to represent NQBP interests, as required.

Selection criteria

Knowledge, experience and skills


  1. A valid unrestricted Masters Certificate of Competency or Master Unlimited Certificate recognised by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)
  2. A current valid Class C driver’s licence
  3. Experience as a competent mariner ideally with ship handling experience as Master or Pilot and knowledge of the regulatory framework pertaining to pilotage in Queensland
  4. Demonstrated willingness to employ new technology and adapt working methods to use technology safely and efficiently
  5. Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality and communicate professionally to a wide range of internal and external clients, both verbally and in writing
  6. Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a team environment, resolve conflict and participate equitably in positive and successful teams
  7. Experience working effectively with minimal supervision, controlling workflow and organising work tasks to meet deadlines and achieve quality work outcomes

Mandatory competencies

Refer to behaviour expectations as required above.


The details contained in this document are an accurate statement of the duties, accountabilities and other requirements of the role.