12 Dec 2017

Two reports underlining the commitment of North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP) to sustainability and the environment have been released.

NQBP Chief Executive Officer Steve Lewis said the Your Ports and the Sustainability Review provide transparent information to the community about the port’s approach to sustainable operations and development.

“At North Queensland Bulk Ports, sustainable development and environmental management underpin the way we do business,” Mr Lewis said.

“We are proud to be the only port authority in the world managing three major ports in a World Heritage Area and we take this responsibility seriously.

“We care deeply about the condition and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef and we have a vision where trade, the environment and our communities thrive.”

One way in which NQBP seeks to get the balance right is by taking a long-term approach to environmental monitoring and research, and partnering with leading institutions and experts across our four North Queensland ports.

Your Ports

Your Ports is a guide to our extensive and long-running environmental program that stretches from Weipa on the western Cape down to the Sarina area around Mackay and Hay Point,” Mr Lewis said.

“The report demonstrates our commitment to minimise and reduce any adverse impacts to the environment from port operations and any new developments.”

Sustainability Review

NQBP’s Sustainability Review outlines the progress NQBP has made in implementing its Sustainability Plan 2015+.

The Sustainability Plan, released in August 2015, and was the first to be developed by a port authority in Australia.

“We believe a sustainable approach to business is essential to maintaining existing trade and to growing future opportunities,” Mr Lewis said.

“For us, sustainability means more than our crucial environmental work. It guides how we approach all our activities from port operations to land development to how we look after our people and port communities.

“The release of our sustainability plan two years ago was an important first step towards becoming a sustainable business, and I am confident that the significant progress outlined in this review will underpin our growth in our north Queensland communities for years to come.”


North Queensland Bulk Ports contact:
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