North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) has constructed a second access to the Port of Mackay to link with Slade Point Road.

The new road, designated with the indigenous language, is called Gudyara Road meaning "sea" in recognition of the region’s Yuwi Traditional Owners.

The road was officially opened on 25 February 2020 after construction began in October 2019.

Announcement of Gudyara Road naming
Behind the scenes of the second access way
Project announcement
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Project benefits

The project brings the following benefits:

  • secondary access and emergency evacuation route for the Port of Mackay
  • direct access from Slade Point Road into North Wall Beach
  • minimise interactions and improve safety of commercial and public users along Spiller Avenue
  • unlock future developable land in the Northern area of the Port of Mackay.

Project background

The overall project cost $2.9 million and engaged 15 local subcontractors, creating 76 local jobs during construction.

Concept and detailed designs, including traffic impact assessments in consultation with the Department of Transport and Main Roads were initiated in late 2017.
Tenders for construction were called in April 2019 and the contract was awarded to Queensland based company Shadforth in September 2019.

Media releases

NQBP is extending Edmund Casey Drive on existing port property to link with Slade Point Road at the Port of Mackay.

The project will involve extending Edmund Casey Drive by 500 metres.

Assessments were undertaken during planning and design stages to ascertain any potential impacts on the surrounding environment, including the adjacent wetland. The assessments concluded that no significant environmental impacts were likely and that any impacts could be managed through standard environmental controls.

Environmental monitoring and management measures will be implemented throughout the program to minimise the risk of any potential impacts on the environment. Noise and dust mitigation practices in place.

The existing conversation/buffer area between the Port and residents will be maintained.

Works will take place between 6.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Saturday. There will be no work on Sundays or public holidays.

During construction, traffic management will be in place which may include realigned traffic lanes and reduced speed limits, ensuring the safety of the public and construction crew while work is underway.

After completion, the speed limit along Slade Point Road will return to its previously zoned speed under the management of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

It is not anticipated that the extension of Edmund Casey Drive will significantly increase the number of truck movements in the immediate future. Traffic will slowly increase as development occurs within the Port.

Yes, there will be separate lanes into Edmund Casey Drive from Slade Point Road (and vice-versa).

The new road once completed, will not impact cyclist traffic on Slade Point Road.

While traffic management will be in place during the project, full road closures are not anticipated.

It is currently anticipated that works located at the Slade Point Road/Edmund Casey Drive extension T-intersection will take approximately eight weeks, weather permitting.

At this stage, we are not anticipating any construction works outside of the hours listed above, however traffic management will remain in place overnight.