16 Nov 2018

Port trade, project updates and recreational fishing were among the topics in focus at Community Reference Groups hosted last week.

The community reference groups (CRGs) were held at the ports of Mackay and Hay Point as part of NQBP’s ongoing commitment to public consultation and engagement.

“The CRGs are integral to connecting the ports and the community,” NQBP Chief Executive Officer Nicolas Fertin said.

“I was pleased to be on hand with senior NQBP representatives to provide an update on trade through the ports and the status of key projects such as the Southern Breakwater repairs and Hay Point floating walk way.

“It was also an opportunity for representatives to raise matters of community interest.”

“We’re very pleased to have both CRGs re-vitalised and look forward to building relationships, sharing information, gaining feedback and having an active forum for discussion,” Mr Fertin said.

“Input from the people living, working and visiting our port communities is vital. I would like to thank all the representatives for their energy, input and advice.”

The CRGs bring together a range of representatives from Mackay Regional Council, local business, port industry, indigenous, community and recreational groups.

Members were provided with an update on NQBP’s strategic direction, operations, projects, environmental and community programs.

The CRGs, which have been running for almost 20 years, provide an invaluable link between the port authority and its communities.

The Port of Mackay CRG includes Aboriginal Party representative Deb Netuschil, community representatives Charles Camilleri, Di Hatfield, Edan Stolberg, Elizabeth Warren, Neville Duncan, recreational group (boating, surfing or fishing) representatives Jack McDougall and Alison Jones, port industry representatives from Viva Energy Dave Mann and Maurie Fatnowna, business representatives Michael de Pinto and Stacey Quinn and Councillor Justin Englert, Mackay Regional Council.

The Port of Hay Point CRG, chaired by NQBP General Manager for Trade and Operations Brendan Webb includes Aboriginal Party representative Deb Netuschil, community representatives Cathy Fredericks, Kerry Flynn, Marilyn Maher, Tom Andrews, Stan McDonnell, Thomas Liddell, George Stace, and Peta Drummond, business representative Judy Langdon, Councillor Karen May, Mackay Regional Council and rotating port industry representatives including Steve Rae of DBCT, Peter Wotherspoon of DBCTM, Darryl Sweet of BMA and Sharon Tang of Aurizon.

View CRG Terms of Reference, Agendas and Minutes.


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