Each of our ports is equipped to maximise trade commitments, meet environmental obligations and facilitate local communities by providing employment, as well as recreation areas.

You’ll find information below about the areas and facilities surrounding each of North Queensland Bulk Port’s four trading ports.

Port facilities

  • Southern Breakwater

    The Port of Mackay’s southern breakwater is a favourite spot for sightseeing, cycling, walking and running.

    Follow the 10,000 steps distance markers along the breakwater, a project supported by our Port of Mackay Community Reference Group.

    The Breakwater is a great facility for pet owners to walk their dogs; however, dog owners should pick up and dispose of their dog's droppings. Some dog droppings contain harmful bacteria that are toxic to our waterways.

    Please use the plastic bags located in dispensers along the breakwater to help keep it beautiful for everyone's enjoyment.

    Download the 10,000 Steps fact sheet

    Old Mulherin Park

    NQBP’s Old Mulherin Park, adjacent to the Mackay Marina, includes playgrounds, picnic tables, barbecue facilities and public toilets.

    The nearby Harbour Beach public leisure areas include a seasonally patrolled beach, parks, playgrounds, picnic tables, bbq facilities and public toilets.

    Mackay Marina Village provides exceptional public access and a base for exploration of the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays.

    Kommo Toera Trail

    The Kommo Toera Trail is a spectacular one kilometre walking trail, located in melaleuca rainforest in the Port of Mackay conservation area. These wetlands are a dynamic place to visit whatever the season.

    Download the Kommo Toera Trail Brochure

    Security at the Port of Mackay

    Find out about security restrictions at Port of Mackay

  • In conjunction with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Weipa Town Authority and Rio Tinto, NQBP completed a new Evans Landing public boat ramp in December 2015. We donated the land and committed an additional $600,000 to construct the boat ramp and pontoons. This project also delivered a 53 boat and car space bitumen car park, including concrete kerb and guttering and lighting for operational areas.

    Find out about security restrictions at Port of Weipa

  • The foreshore adjacent to the Bowen Wharves is a newly upgraded public recreation area. The Bowen Wharves have recently benefited from replenishment of the existing causeway. Public access is allowed to the main jetty facilities; however, the tug berth area remains a secure zone with restricted access.

    Find out about security restrictions at Port of Abbot Point

  • The Port of Hay Point administration building features a viewing gallery, where the community can view both Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal and Hay Point Services Coal Terminal.

    NQBP recently completed the first stage of a community project at Port of Hay Port to transform the strategic port land into a landscaped park and buffer area. Sustainability and innovation were key drivers for this development.

    Additional phases of the project will continue to be delivered over the next three years and will involve the ongoing planting of native seedlings, improved beach access, pathways and picnic facilities.

    Just down from this landscaped park is the Half Tide Tug Harbour which includes a public boat ramp and a floating walkway for recreational vessels up to 7.5m in length.

    At high tide, the 2.4m wide and 40m long walkway can accommodate up to six vessels and can be accessed from both sides. The walkway is not suitable for vessels when tides are 2.25m or below. Please check the tide times when planning for your trip.

    Funding for the walkway, completed in June 2018, was provided by Transport and Main Roads Marine Infrastructure Investment Program.

    Find out about security restrictions at Port of Hay Point

Community tours

We welcome the community to inquire about our educational port tours, conducted for schools and industry groups at Abbot Point and Mackay. School tours are tailored individually for each school group, based on the study area and age of the students. If you would like to arrange a port tour, please contact us.