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The Port of Abbot Point is Australia’s most northern coal export port and one with remarkable potential for trade growth.

In naturally deep water, the port is located 25 kilometres north of Bowen and incorporates the North Queensland Export Terminal (NQXT) with a current export capacity of 50 million tonnes per annum.

As the port authority, North Queensland Bulk Port’s vision for Abbot Point is that it continues to grow as a key strategic coal port and, over time, leverages benefits from the adjoining State Development Area to become a hub for import, processing, manufacturing and export activities of other industries of regional, state and national significance.


Abbot Point is located between the existing industrial centres of Townsville to its north, and Mackay to its south.

The Port of Abbot Point is a strategic asset to Queensland due to its proximity to the Abbot Point State Development Area, the resource rich Bowen Basin, Galilee Basin and North West Minerals Province, its remote location from urban development, and access to deep water.

Trade through Abbot Point

Abbot Point has one operating terminal, North Queensland Export Terminal (NQXT or T1). Coal is supplied to T1 by rail, and services customers in the Newlands and Collinsville area and a number of Bowen Basin mines.

See port throughput figures.

Pilotage is currently provided by Port of Townsville on behalf of Maritime Safety Queensland.

Tug boats, operated by Engage Marine, also service the port.

NQBP own and operate the Marine Offloading Facility (MOF), located just to the East of T1. This infrastructure is a common-user, multi-functional facility and allows for safe and efficient operations. There is extensive lay down areas available nearby to the MOF that offer storage space by arrangement only. (Fees and/or charges apply). Contact us for more information.

Strategic planning

Earmarked as a port with significant potential to become not only one of Queensland’s, but one of Australia’s most valuable, intergenerational multi-commodity trading ports, the Port of Abbot Point has potential for expansion to meet growth in existing trades or to accommodate emerging trades.

Local communities in Bowen, Mackay and Townsville will continue to see economic benefits arising from the port’s development.

Read an overview of our planning or consult the Port of Abbot Point land use plan.

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