Development decisions

Our previous development assessments are available below, including decision notices.

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Reference Applicant Port Type of development Decision date Decision notice
PL/04/02/00006 Caltex Australia Petroleum Mackay Operational work 22nd-Feb 2019 Caltex Australia Petroleum E18-19865
PL/04/02/00001 Tox Free Mackay Material change of use 1st-Sep 2016 Tox Free E16-23648
PL/04/02/00008 NQBP Mackay Material Change of Use 14th-Nov 2018 NQBP – E18-30970
PL/04/02/00011 Qube Bulk Mackay Material Change of Use 26th-Feb 2019 Qube Bulk - E19-05364
PL/03/02/00003 Sandvik Hay Point Operational work 5th-May 2017 Sandvik E17-06208
PL/04/02/00003 NQBP Mackay Operational work 12th-May 2017 NQBP E17-06329
PL/06/02/00011 NQBP Weipa Operational work 31st-Jan 2017 NQBP E17-00339
PL/02/02/00003 NQBP Abbot Point Operational work 4th-Jul 2016 NQBP E16-12934
PL/02/02/00002 Department of State Development Abbot Point Operational work 14th-Mar 2016 Dept of State Development E15-56560
PL/06/02/00009 Green Coast Resources Weipa Operational work 14th-Mar 2016 Green Coast Resources E16-03161
PM/0008/00278 Adani Australia Abbot Point Operational work 18th-May 2015 Adani Australia E15-22671
PL/06/02/00005 RTAWeipa Weipa Operational work 22nd-Dec 2015 RTA Weipa E15-54963
PL/06/02/00005 RTAWeipa Weipa Operational work 23rd-Dec 2015 RTA Weipa E15-58029
PL/04/02/00012 NQBP Mackay Operational work 1st-Jun 2020 Decision Notice Western Revetment
PL/03/02/00009 BM Alliance Coal Operations Hay Point Operational work 22nd-Jun 2020 BM Alliance Coal Operations Operational Work
PL/04/02/00014 NQBP Mackay Operational works - Tidal works 17th-Aug 2020 Development Approval: Wharf One - Mackay
PL/04/04/00014 NQBP Weipa Operational works - Tidal works 15th-Oct 2020 Decision Notice: Weipa Boat Ramp
PL/03/02/00010 NQBP Hay Point Operational works - Tidal works 13th-Oct 2020 Development Approval: Half Tide Tug Harbour Access Stairs
PL/04/02/00010 NQBP Mackay Operational works - Tidal works 22nd-Dec 2020 Development Approval Package: Tug Barth Mackay
PL/06/02/00015 NQBP Weipa Operational works - Tidal works 25th-Feb 2021 Development Approval Package - Weipa Consolidated Dredge Approvals
PL/04/02/00015 NQBP Mackay Material Change of Use 8th-Mar 2021 P Act Development Approval Package - Liquaforce
PL/04/02/00019 Australian Maritime Safety Authority Mackay Operational works 18th-Mar 2022 P Act Decision Notice AMSA Site Demolition
PL/03/02/00005 NQBP Hay Point Operational work 15th-Jan 2018 NQBP E18-000035
PL/03/02/00013 DBI Hay Point Operational works 4th-Aug 2022 DBI 8X Project 040822
PL/03/02/00012 NQBP Hay Point Operational works 8th-Jul 2022 HTTH Cyclone mooring upgrade
PL/04/02/00020 NQBP Hay Point Material Change of Use & Operational works 4th-Aug 2022 HTTH ERA 16 and Operational Works
PL/04/02/00021 Port Binnli Mackay Operational works 28th-Jun 2022 Marina nib wall operational works
PL/04/02/00004 Queensland Sugar Limited Mackay Operational work 30th-Jan 2018 Queensland Sugar E18-01329
PL/04/02/00005 NQBP Mackay Operational work 22nd-Feb 2018 NQBP E18-04149
PL/02/02/00010 Abbot Point Bulkcoal Abbot Point Operational work 2nd-Mar 2018 Abbot Point Bulkcoal E18-02788
PL/02/02/00009 NQBP Abbot Point Operational work 28th-Feb 2018 NQBP E18-04410

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