North Queensland Bulk Ports is undertaking early planning for the Bowen Wharf Project.

About the Wharf

The 150-year-old Bowen Wharf is a valued asset for the Bowen community and visitors. It also plays a commercial role in accommodating the tugs that service the Port of Abbot Point. Constructed in the late 1860s, the wharf has been reconstructed and extended several times over the years and is nearing its end of life.

From February to August 2021 $3.6 million in works were carried out on the wharf which saw parts of the aged timber structure repaired or replaced. The repair works involved the replacement of the worst wooden components including 66 timber girders, 12 corbels, 99 beams, 500 square metres of bridge decking ply and more than half a kilometre of timber deck planks.

Aerial picture of the Bowen Wharf
Bowen Wharf Project early planning has begun.

Project summary

In June 2023, the Queensland Government allocated "$50 million for the replacement of North Queensland Bulk Ports’ Bowen Wharf, with the plans, designs and approvals subject to further consultation with stakeholders” as part of the 2023/24 Budget. The funding was made possible due to Queensland's coal royalties. With this significant funding, visitors and locals will benefit from a revitalised public facility for generations to come.

NQBP engaged skilled Queensland engineers for a refurbishment study and a specialist quantity surveying firm to provide cost estimates. For a detailed overview, you can access the Bowen Wharf Refurbishment Study Summary and the Bowen Wharf Refurbishment Study. NQBP will be undertaking further work to ensure an exhaustive understanding of the condition of the wharf and to explore options considering the significant funding contribution from the State.

To support a community-led design, NQBP is undertaking a tender process to appoint a suitably qualified consultant to develop a draft concept, undertake consultation, and deliver a finalised concept design.

Community consultation

NQBP is committed to engaging with the Bowen community to design a Wharf that meets their needs and ensures Bowen has a vibrant and valued public asset for generations to come.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback please contact us on the details below.

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