Weipa, Abbot Point, Mackay and Hay Point trading ports, and the non-trading port of Maryborough, all come under the care and authority of North Queensland Bulk Ports.

More than half of Queensland’s trade by tonnage passes through our operating ports. In line with our mission, we take great care to provide safe, sustainable and competitive seaport services to efficiently facilitate the increasing tonnages of imports and exports through our Queensland ports.

Port services

As a port authority, we’re responsible for:

  • strategic port planning
  • port business development
  • port infrastructure development
  • environmental management and marine pollution (within port limits)
  • port security and safety
  • port efficiency
  • maintaining navigable port depths for shipping
  • issuing licences, leases and permits to other organisations for the use of port land, infrastructure, and facilities (NQBP has a multi-user access policy in place at its ports to facilitate the highest possible utilisation of port infrastructure, and greatest possible operational efficiency).

Port pilotage operations and navigation are the responsibility of NQBP for the Ports of Hay Point and Mackay. The Port of Townsville provides pilotage services for the Port of Abbot Point and Ports North is responsible for pilotage services at Weipa. Stevedoring and towage services are outsourced to approved contractors at all of NQBP’s ports.

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Our values

Our vision

We set the global standard in sustainable trade and port development.

Our mission

We lead our ports to operate in balance with iconic natural environments and the community for the prosperity of current and future generations.

Our role

As a trade-based port authority, we bring together business, environment, community and strategic stakeholder interests to make our ports sustainable for everyone in the long term.

We stand by our actions and NQBP's values even when no-one is watching.

We strive to deliver the best outcomes while being committed to continuous learning and improvement.

We care for and treat everyone fairly, recognising and appreciating diversity.

We share a common purpose to achieve positive outcomes for our organisation and regions.

Our ports

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