Cyclone preparedness activities

2 Jan 2020

Cyclone preparedness activities

A team of divers from Subsea recently inspected mooring systems at Hay Point and Mackay as part of North Queensland Bulk Ports’ annual cyclone preparedness activities.

Ed Korber, managing director for Subsea, said the average dive was generally 10-15m, but all their divers are certified to dive up to 50m.

With a thrill for working “under pressure”, he said divers were trained to carry out their duties in zero visibility and no two days were the same.

“We are passionate and most importantly consider ourselves professionals as the job is continuously challenging on a daily basis,” Ed says.

“There is an enormous amount of diversity on all the various projects we have carried out, allowing us now mostly to integrate the latest technology into our daily routine which we find fascinating.”

And on encounters with life in the deep blue, Ed said the team would always wear a trusted shark shield to be on the safe side.

“Yes, our divers have regular encounters with marine life in general including different fish species, not to mention the occasional visit from the sharks,” he said.

“However, our divers always enter the water with certified and tested Shark Shields to protect them from any unwanted encounters.”