Business opportunities

We're committed to providing customer-focused support to our current trades, while actively working to attract alternative and sustainable trades at our ports.

With a track record of job-creating investment, our ports at Hay Point, Mackay, Abbot Point and Weipa are well positioned to support a range of trades including those associated with renewables, hydrogen, bio-fuels and more.

Read about our MoU to develop green hydrogen at Port of Hay Point

Embracing existing and new business

Our main trades of steel-making coal, electricity-making coal, fuel, sugar, grain and bauxite support thousands of jobs (mining, agriculture and transport sectors), and deliver billions in trade.

These industries are in transition at different paces and while they support the current Queensland regional prosperity, we understand that tomorrow’s prosperity starts with what we do today.

We are excited to work with new proponents or new industries and explore opportunities for new jobs in regional Queensland, while continuing to support existing proponents and industries.

Do business with us

If your organisation has a prospective development, port-related business or land requirement get in touch with our team.

Transitioning to the future

We have a world-leading track record of developing and fostering new trade and business relationships. Breakbulk trade at the Port of Mackay continues to successfully connect major mining and agriculture businesses to global supply-chain partners. The reputation of the Port of Mackay is growing significantly, and the market is responding to the benefits of the port’s footprint as a key gateway to Central Queensland.

Your Partner In Sustainable Trade
Hydrogen MoU Announcement

Investing to support new trade

With an eye on the future, we’re investing millions of dollars in our ports to maximise their inherent attributes and market appeal, including being located across northern Australia and Government-identified economic hubs; having abundant land separated from urban areas; and excellent marine infrastructure linking northern Australia to markets in Asia and the Pacific.

This makes our ports prime locations to support sustainable trades such as renewables, hydrogen, and bio-fuels.