We make it our mission to add value to Queensland’s prosperity, and to our customers and local communities.

We strive to do this while demonstrating high levels of social and environmental integrity in the management and development of our ports.

We create value, as professional port managers, by building capacity and capability, promoting an efficient link in the transport supply chain to and from the ports, and ensuring the ports play a strong leadership role in the economic development of the local community.

We are committed to attracting new trade and increasing vessel numbers to the region, and to ongoing improvements in port safety, efficiency and flexibility.

Port business is dependent on good relationships and fair treatment of customers, employees and the public, with due consideration of operating requirements. NQBP is an ethical and considerate business partner.

What’s more, we are on the journey toward becoming smarter ports, to embracing innovation, delivering increased value to our shareholders and customers, and building a better place for business.

Why do business with us

We strive to:

  • be innovative (by looking at better ways to do things)
  • think differently (by actively recruiting a workforce with a diversified skill set to drive ongoing improvements)
  • create value for clients and the community
  • engage with the community in a more participative way
  • create intergenerational assets for the benefit of future generations.

Port businesses have already benefited from the Smart Port Strategy and a move to digitisation of forms and processes. Our ports have also seen substantial infrastructure projects, as well as safety and security upgrades designed to ensure the sustainability and prosperity of our region.

Our ports offer:

  • negligible ship queuing
  • extensive common user infrastructure
  • a key gateway for regional Queensland
  • ready access to transport corridors (sea, rail and land)
  • large land banks for laydown areas or development
  • accommodation for oversize and over mass vehicles and loads
  • proximity to existing and future development projects.

The port is the place it is today because of our business partners.

Trade enquiries

We are actively pursuing growth opportunities, optimising throughput and, where relevant, upgrading facilities and working with customers to progress opportunities. If you have a prospective development, port-related business or land requirement, or you want to discuss how operational efficiency can be improved within our ports, please get in touch.

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