Social media house rules

Thanks for visiting our social media channels. We’re pleased to provide you with an insight into port life and our port communities.

We welcome ideas, conversation and any feedback you have to offer; however, to ensure a positive experience for everyone, we request you keep our house rules in mind when connecting with us and each other.

It’s simple really. All we ask is you treat everyone with courtesy and respect, protect your own and others privacy, and ensure that anything you share does not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.

When and why we’ll moderate

While we encourage discussion and endeavour to leave comments as originally published, at times we may step in to moderate and remove any post that we deem:

  • inappropriate, offensive, abusive, discriminatory or threatening
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  • spam
  • trolling activity
  • shares personal or confidential information
  • violates any intellectual property rights.

Anyone who continues to breach our house rules may also be blocked from our respective social media page.

If you come across any content you believe fails to comply with our house rules, we encourage you to let us know via

Hours of operation

Our page is monitored during standard business hours (9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays) and all our social channels are designed to be just that – social.

While we welcome questions from the community and aim to respond within 24 business hours, any messages received via these forums are not considered official correspondence.

All formal and media enquiries should be directed to NQBP via or by calling 1300 129 255.

Important information

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By posting content to our page, please keep in mind, you grant NQBP permission to freely use this content in any way we see fit, without the need to require any further consent from you.

In using and contributing to our pages, you also agree to follow: