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Current and recently completed projects at our Ports are listed below.

Port of Mackay Projects

Project WorksStatus
Mackay roads project
  • $4 million roadworks package for the Port of Mackay.
  • Five (5) roads both within and outside the port secure area will be resurfaced as part of the project.
Under way

Media release 10 June 2024
Rehabilitation of Northern Breakwater
  • 3.5 million in rehabilitation works to the Port of Mackay’s Northern Breakwater.
  • This project will ensure the 84-year-old Northern Breakwater can continue to provide protection to the port and major infrastructure assets well into the future.
Under way

Website story
North Wall improvement project
  • One million dollars to improve the recreational area at North Wall Beach, near the Port of Mackay.
Community consultation completed

Website page
Media release 4 April 2024
Wharf 1 pipeline project
  • $10 million to upgrade crucial pipeline facilities at Wharf 1 at the Port of Mackay.
Media release 5 April 2024
Project Completed worksStatus
Nib wall - Southern Breakwater
  • Port Binnli has constructed a nib wall within the Mackay Marina.
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Water network improvement package
  • Three separate projects aimed at upgrading the Port of Mackay's water infrastructure network.

Media release
Wharf 5 upgrade
  • Demolition and replacement of the western approach deck.


Media release 17 November 2022

Media release 31 May 2022

New tug berth facility

  • Construction of a new purpose-built, tug facility inside the port for its critical towage operation.
  • The facility will cater for the current fleet requirements and support future expansion.

Media release 24 August 2022

Media release 5 February 2021

Wharf 1 upgrade

  • This investment will improve infrastructure capability to handle extra-long (85m to 95m) cargoes to attract new trade opportunities and diversify.
  • The construction works will involve extension of Wharf 1 access bridge to enable trade of longer breakbulk material, for example rail projects.

Media release  26 July 2021

Media release  11 December 2020

Wharf 4 eastern access deck upgrade

  • Upgrade the Wharf 4 Eastern access deck to a custom steel deck increasing its width and capacity to accommodate over mass RoRo cargoes.
  • This investment will improve NQBP’s RoRo trade capabilities and create opportunities for trade diversification by enabling heavier and wider cargoes through the port.


Media release  5 February  2021

Media release 7 September 2020

Port of Hay Point Projects


Port of Hay Point – Administration building refurbishment

  • Essential refurbishment and upgrade of the interior fit outs and utilities of the building.
  • The refurbishment and upgrade works will extend the usable life and cater for continued operation and usage of the building.

Media release

Port of Abbot Point / Bowen Wharf


Bowen Wharf Repair Project

  • The project will include the repair or replacement of some of the Wharf’s timber members.
  • Repair works will ensure the 150-year-old Wharf remains available to the public and continues to provide temporary towage infrastructure for Abbot Point’s towage operations.
  • NQBP appreciates the Wharf is popular for recreational activities such as fishing and will aim to keep some public access throughout the works provided it is safe and practical to do so.


Media release 11 January 2021

Media release 16 August 2021

Port of Weipa

Detailed site investigations
  • Detailed site investigations underway at Hornibrook Point (Bicentennial Community Park) and the former slipway yard at Evans Landing.

Public Notice


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