10 Aug 2021

THE new term of the Port of Mackay’s Community Reference Group has kicked off in style, with the unveiling of the Southern Breakwater as an official 10,000 Steps walkway.

Visitors to the Southern Breakwater are now able to track their steps along the length of the breakwater using newly installed distance markers.

North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP) Chief Executive Officer Nicolas Fertin said the project has been chosen for the community, by the community.

“Each year our Community Reference Groups (CRGs) are asked to choose a community program or project to support,” Mr Fertin said.

“During the previous term of our Port of Mackay CRG, members chose to promote physical well-being through the registration of the Southern Breakwater as an official 10,000 Steps location.”

CRG member Elizabeth Warren said she was excited to see the project unfold.

“It is exciting that we could see the delivery of this project first-hand,” Elizabeth said.

“The 10,000 Steps project demonstrates just one way that the CRG creates long-term benefits for our port communities,” she said.

The 10,000 Steps program run by Central Queensland University and funded by Health and Wellbeing Queensland includes a mobile app and website that motivates users to track their physical activity and encourages them to find ways to add steps to their day exploring their local area or while on holidays.

Signing up to the program is free for individuals, organisations, businesses and local governments who are able to add value to their infrastructure (footpaths, walkways etc) by adding 10,000 Steps signs and connecting users to become part of the official program.

10,000 Steps Project Leader Professor Corneel Vandelanotte said the development of accessible environments is crucial in supporting people to become more active.

“Walking is the most popular type of physical activity for Australians of all ages, and having good infrastructure where walking is an easy and desirable choice can help people to meet the physical activity guidelines of at least 30 minutes per day,” Professor Vandelanotte said.

“This is also where the 10,000 Steps program comes in. Members track how many steps they take to start with, then set goals and make improvements over time - it might be just a few changes to add more steps to your day or a 30-minute walk along places like the Mackay Harbour.

“Every step counts towards your daily goal. The program has been used by nearly 500,000 people and has demonstrated good effectiveness in helping people to be active for health benefits.”

Images for download

Image | L-R CRG members Alison Jones, Rachael Haycock, Elizabeth Warren and Edan Stolberg check out the new signs at the Southern Breakwater

Image | CRG member Alison Jones with one of the distance markers on the Southern Breakwater

Image | NQBPs Tim Lewis with CRG members Rachael Haycock, Alison Jones, Edan Stolberg and Elizabeth Warren

Image | 10000 steps Southern Breakwater exit sign

PDF | 10,000 Steps Fact Sheet


NQBP Contact
Emilie Power | Community Relations Advisor | 0427 050 666 | epower@nqbp.com.au

10,000 Steps Contact
Anetta Van Itallie | 10,000 Steps Project Manager, CQUniversity | 0427 595 350 | a.vanitallie@cqu.edu.au