18 Aug 2020

Water safety awareness will be the key focus under a new partnership between Alligator Creek State School and North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP).

NQBP has provided $6,800 to Alligator Creek State School to assist in the delivery of its annual Learn-to-Swim program.

NQBP CEO Nicolas Fertin said the partnership will provide students with affordable access to critically important water safety and swimming lessons that children in more urban areas have closer at hand.

“Alligator Creek State School is part of our port community, so we appreciate this opportunity to build on our strong connection to the school and its families,” Mr Fertin said.

“We’ve been a proud supporter of the Learn-to-Swim program for a number of years now, but this year we’ve increased our contribution to significantly reduce the cost to the school and parents.”

Alligator Creek State School principal Fiona Connor welcomed NQBP’s increased support of the program and said the partnership would assist the school in extending this year’s program to all school students.

“This program has been offered to students in previous years. Swimming lessons are offered to over 320 students, Prep to Year 6,” she said.

“Water safety is a key issue for our students, given the lack of access to swimming facilities combined with their close proximity to the sea. While many students enjoy recreational activities involving fishing and/or boating, not all students are competent swimmers.

“To access the nearest available swimming facility, students and teachers need to travel up to 23 km, so the cost of bus transport to and from the pool alone is quite substantial.

“To receive this support from NQBP is wonderful, and we’re pleased to partner with them to develop our students’ confidence in and around water and minimise the risk of water safety incidents.”

The sponsorship was made possible through NQBP’s 2020-21 Port Communities Sponsorship and Donations program.

The 2020 Learn-to-Swim program will take place over August to September.

North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation contact:
Lorelei van Dalen | Community Relations Advisor
(07) 4969 0772 | lvandalen@nqbp.com.au

Images for download

  • Image one: Diving into water safety lessons are students (front L - R) Stephen, Mason, Cooper, Connor and Reno, with (back L - R) Principal Fiona Connor and NQBP's Lorelei van Dalen.
  • Image two: Underwater fun: Alligator Creek State School student Ethan
  • Image three: Can you kick it: Alligator Creek State School students Lucas and Makayli with some kick board practice.