At McEwens Beach we measure PM10 which are finer airborne particles invisible to the naked eye.

Monitoring Locations
Dust Measurements
Wind Conditions

Stronger winds can lead to elevated dust levels. Wind speed descriptions use the Beaufort Wind Scale.

About the data

The dust measurements shown above use unvalidated data, updated as per the time period indicated above the dial. We voluntarily make available this information as a useful tool for our port communities; however, it’s important to remember that the dust measurements shown may change when validated and should not be relied upon as final.

The graphs below show validated data for the most recent calendar year. All dust data shown is provided by a third-party firm, Ecotech, who manage NQBP’s dust monitoring activities at the sites of McEwens Beach, Mackay northern and southern stations. Wind and weather information is provided by Bureau of Meteorology.

Annual validated data


In 2019, a PM10 level of "very good" or "good" was recorded for 85% of days of the year at our McEwen's Beach site.


You can also download our daily validated readings for 2019.

Sites are maintained regularly and periods of time where data is unavailable may reflect these maintenance works.

The McEwens Beach air quality monitoring program began mid-2013.


Data shown 01/01/2019-31/12/2019