28 Apr 2022

Competitive Internship and Industry Placement with $2000 bursary - Cairns/Townsville/Mackay.

How would you like to join forces with an award-winning university and industry partnership for a unique career-enhancing opportunity in marine science and environmental management?

James Cook University’s TropWATER and North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP) are offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity for two JCU students (undergraduate, honours or post-graduate) who are interested to pursue a career in marine science or postgraduate research.

What’s on offer

  • A four-week industry-research placement with JCU and NQBP.
  • A bursary of $2000 to help fund flights/travel during the internship.
  • One week accommodation in Mackay during the placement covered by NQBP.
  • Guidance from JCU and NQBP staff during a research and industry application experience. Dates are flexible but the internship will consist of four weeks generally during semester breaks (e.g. between June/July 2022, November 2022 and February 2023).

The good stuff

Applicants will gain:

  • Invaluable knowledge in field, laboratory, desktop and administrative skills within a research environment with the Seagrass and Coastal Ecology Group in Cairns and the Coastal Catchments and Water Quality Group in Townsville. These placements will take place over three weeks, with timing and location flexible depending on student location.
  • A one-week placement with NQBP in Mackay.
  • Experience for a research and management career or a higher degree in marine biological sciences, as well as offering a unique opportunity to see how results of research are applied in management and operations within industry.

Who can apply?

You must be enrolled in either a second or third year undergraduate course, an honours or post-graduate program at James Cook University.

I’ve heard enough, how do I apply?

Applications close 20 May 2022. To apply, submit a cover letter (maximum one page) describing why you want to participate in the program and what skills you can bring to TropWATER and NQBP. Attach your resume (maximum two pages) including contact details for two academic referees and a copy of your academic transcript. Students will be selected based on their academic credentials and application letters. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and women in STEM are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applicants will be notified of outcomes by 10 June 2022.

Submit your application to: A/Prof Michael Rasheed michael.rasheed@jcu.edu.au or Dr Nathan Waltham nathan.waltham@jcu.edu.au

Find out more about the partnership.