27 Apr 2020

Debbie McDonald has celebrated 40 years of service to the Port of Mackay this week.

It’s not a milestone Debbie expected to be celebrating at her home office in light of COVID-19 working measures, but otherwise it’s business as usual for the popular Financial Reporting Officer.

Debbie’s colleagues at North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) ensured her big day didn’t go amiss with plenty of congratulatory calls via remote technology.

NQBP Chief Executive Officer Nicolas Fertin thanked Debbie for her loyal service to the Port of Mackay and NQBP’s ports.

“Debbie has played a part in many large changes in the business over the years and she is a much-respected member of the NQBP team as it is today,” Mr Fertin said.

“We look forward to eventually celebrating this milestone with her in person, 40 years is a massive commitment to the business.”

Debbie entered life in finance as a 19-year-old with the then Mackay Harbour Board.

One of the large projects she was passionately involved in was the development of the grain terminal.

Debbie says it’s the range of projects she loves most about her job with NQBP.

“The diverse range of projects that I could be working on any given day and the people are very special,” Debbie said.

Despite the global impacts of COVID-19, NQBP continues to balance health and safety, with the essential role of our port which are critical to around 27,000 miners, farmers and transport providers.

Operational staff are continuing to fulfil essential roles under adapted circumstances and Debbie is among most of the NQBP office staff working remotely since late March.

Debbie says she has two phrases which help keep her upbeat during the “new normal.”

“I repeat to myself my two favourite sayings: ‘Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans’ and ‘This too shall pass’,” Debbie said.

Mr Fertin also thanked NQBP’s stakeholders for their support to the employees during the COVID-19 challenges.

“This is a challenging time for everyone but the professionalism and compassion that our stakeholders continue to display is helping to ensure the ongoing health of our workforce and our business,” he said.

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