25 Aug 2020

A shipment of more than 300 containers has become the first of its kind to be facilitated at the Port of Mackay in many years.

Containers on the move at Mackay Port

After posting its second-best trade throughput figures in 2019-20, this latest evolution of the port’s multi-cargo capacity, was a shipment to support BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance’s (BMA) project to decommission a trestle and conveyor from Hay Point Coal Terminal when the facility opened in 1971.

The containers, which contain steel dismantled from the old trestle over several years, are being shipped to Indonesia, where the material will be melted down and turned into reinforcing material for use in construction.

North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) Chief Executive Officer Nicolas Fertin said it was another significant project for the port.

“We’re proud to have partnered with BMA, Seaway Group, BBC Chartering, Northern Stevedoring Services and Central Queensland business Walz Group with this local project, supporting local jobs,” Mr Fertin said.

“The movement of these containers again demonstrates the Port of Mackay’s capacity; it’s very much “open for business” as a port of choice for the region.

“NQBP continues to facilitate transitioning trade opportunities to appeal to current and emerging customers.”

Prior to shipment, the 308 containers, weighing 6000 tonnes tonnes and covering a surface area of 11,795 cubic metres were stationed at the port’s lay down area. This was after they were transported 40km via truck from Hay Point.

BMA’s Hay Point Coal Terminal General Manager Melissa Johnson said many Mackay businesses helped with the decommissioning.

“It’s been an extensive project to safely dismantle and remove the original 1.8km trestle and conveyor at Hay Point Coal Terminal since works began in 2016 that’s involved many local contractors and businesses,” she said.

“We are thrilled to see the project completed with the highest priority given to the safety of those involved, and protection of the marine environment.’’

David Van Reemst Seaway Group’s, Project manager for the shipment, said the organisation was pleased to receive the opportunity to assist Walz and BMA throughout the project and thanked all parties for their contribution.

“There was a substantial amount of planning that went into exporting this volume of containers, as the berth is not frequently utilised for containerised cargo,” Mr Van Reemst said.

“The concept was to collaborate with all parties involved in the process to ensure we delivered a desirable outcome.

“The process was to road freight the containers from Hay Point to Mackay in a single combined parcel to provide a reduction in total road and rail movements, whilst also delivering a safe and cost-effective outcome.”

The containers were loaded onto BBC Chartering’s multi-purpose vessel BBC Austria. BBC Chartering Managing Director Australia Mauro Capano said the company was proud to again display the versatility of its “world-leading multi-purpose vessels.”

“We are proud to support especially the Australian mining industry with our knowledge and expertise of over-sized and heavy weight cargo. We believe that one size does not fit all and work on specialized solutions for each and every one of our customers,” Mr Capano said.

BBC Chartering vessels docked at Mackay seven times in 2019, with seven more visiting the port from January to August this year.

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