13 Jul 2017

The Port of Mackay’s landmark Southern Breakwater will be open to spectators during the Offshore Superboats Championships taking place off Mackay this weekend.

NQBP Chief Executive Officer Steve Lewis said the Southern Breakwater will be temporarily closed to vehicles to allow pedestrians to use the breakwater as a viewing point during the races.

“As part of the Offshore Superboats Championships, the Southern Breakwater will be closed between 2am and 2pm on both days of the weekend, Saturday 15 July and Sunday 16 July,” he said.

“We are proud to support this event and the Mackay Marina area by providing spectators with access to the breakwater.

“It’s sure to be a thrilling spectacle once again this year as the Superboats roar into action.

“However, we want everyone to remain safe during the event, and I urge spectators to apply the normal caution when on the breakwater and refrain from climbing on the rocks.”

Security will be present during the races.

For more information on the Offshore Superboats Championships, visit their website.