North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) has constructed a second access to the Port of Mackay to link with Slade Point Road.

The new road, designated with the indigenous language, is called Gudyara Road meaning "sea" in recognition of the region’s Yuwi Traditional Owners.

The road was officially opened on 25 February 2020 after construction began in October 2019.

Announcement of Gudyara Road naming
Behind the scenes of the second access way
Project announcement
Watch the project unfold

Project benefits

The project brings the following benefits:

  • secondary access and emergency evacuation route for the Port of Mackay
  • direct access from Slade Point Road into North Wall Beach
  • minimise interactions and improve safety of commercial and public users along Spiller Avenue
  • unlock future developable land in the Northern area of the Port of Mackay.

Project background

The overall project cost $2.9 million and engaged 15 local subcontractors, creating 76 local jobs during construction.

Concept and detailed designs, including traffic impact assessments in consultation with the Department of Transport and Main Roads were initiated in late 2017.
Tenders for construction were called in April 2019 and the contract was awarded to Queensland based company Shadforth in September 2019.

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