Industry-leading research, as well as technical studies, have informed NQBP’s approach to the proposed maintenance dredging - the approach has been designed to minimise impacts to the environment.

NQBP have spent more than three years undertaking detailed studies and engaging with a range of stakeholders to understand the source of natural sediment accumulation and appropriate removal and placement options at the Port of Hay Point.

These assessment reports have been developed in consultation with a range of professionals and stakeholder groups. For more detailed information on any aspect of this assessment you can view the reports and associated appendices below.

To see how all the report and research fit together, view our research diagram.

Independent audit report

An independent audit report has found that the Port of Hay Point 2019 Maintenance Dredging Program was undertaken consistent with the approvals and management plan requirements issued prior to the dredging program being undertaken.

Environmental assessment and planning consultancy Ethos NRM completed the independent audit and issued a final audit report on 28 October 2019.

Sustainable Sediment Management

Environmental Risk Assessment

Management Plans

Research diagram